1502 Angus Drive, Vancouver,

BC V6J 4H3

༄༅། །ཁ་ཎ་ཌ་མཚན་སྒྲོགས་དགོན་པ།
༄༅། །ཁ་ཎ་ཌ་མཚན་སྒྲོགས་དགོན་པ།

Tashi Delek & Welcome

Welcome to Tsengdok Rinpoche's Homepage. We are Vancouver based Tibetan Buddhist group under the guidance and leadership of Tsengdok Rinpoche. This is a place for community gathering for prayer and centre to promote inter-cultural harmony and friendship. We welcome you to participate and contribute in various events and teachings taking place on weekly, monthly and annual basis. 

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