༄༅། །ཁ་ཎ་ཌ་མཚན་སྒྲོགས་དགོན་པ།
༄༅། །ཁ་ཎ་ཌ་མཚན་སྒྲོགས་དགོན་པ།

Buddha Shakyamuni

563 BCE – 483 BCE

Throughout his life, Siddhartha was shielded from the horrors of the world. Yet one day, he confronted an old man, a sick man, and a corpse. He then saw a religious man whose countenance was full of bliss and serenity. Siddhartha was aghast at the suffering he witnessed. The realization that he, too, would be subject to old age, disease, and death drove Siddhartha to a personal crisis, states the Ancient History Encyclopedia.

Recalling the religious man, Siddhartha left his home to find a means to end all suffering. Over the next six years, he practiced extreme asceticism with several teachers, but was not satisfied. He sat down beneath a Bodhi tree and began to contemplate how neither extreme pleasure nor extreme pain relieved human suffering.....

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Welcome to Tsengdok Rinpoche's Homepage. We are Vancouver based Tibetan Buddhist group under the guidance and leadership of Tsengdok Rinpoche. This is a place for community gathering for prayer and centre to promote inter-cultural harmony and friendship. We welcome you to participate and contribute in various events and teachings taking place on weekly, monthly and annual basis. 

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