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2017 BC Buddhist Festival: May,  2017

Weekly Events



Tibetan Language School

Tibetan language school has two classes on Saturdays: elementary level and intermediate level. We are team of four teachers working with kids from Tibetan community and local participants to make the weekly Tibetan class interesting and rewarding experience for children and parents alike.

Time: 10:30am - 12pm

Location: Tsengdok Monastery, Vancouver


Prayer Chanting & Lunch

Lead by Tsengdok Rinpoche and Chant Master Lama Sopa, the weekly prayer brings devotees and visitors to participate in morning prayer gathering and lunch thereafter. Great opportunity to experience the voices and tradition of Tibetan monastic chanting. The prayer and theme of chanting varies on weekly basis.


Time: 10am - 12pm

Location: Tsengdok Monastery, Vancouver


Annual events

bc buddhist

Tsengdok Rinpoche founded this annual gathering of different Buddhist traditions in lower mainland to promote friendship within different Buddhist groups. Through different cultural events and engaging in depth exchange of ideas, the event seeks to share each other's cultures and unique tradition with each other and to the larger public in lower mainland as well.

Vancouver Tibet

Annual Vancouver Tibet Festival is initially founded by Tsengdok Rinpoche and Tibetan Community in Vancouver. The event has gained popularity over the years and portion of proceeds were donated towards needy relief efforts. The festival day is filled with cultural presentation ranging from songs, crafts, food, and religious chants. 




Past Events

Gala Dinner & Cultural Performance:

UBC Museum of Anthropology: November 26th, 2016

Fundraising Gala dinner was organize with cultural shows and performance participated by wide range of artist and musicians. The aim of fundraising is support the monastic communities in India. 

India Tour

December 15th - January 15th, 2017

Rinpoche will be travelling with devout group of students to Bodha Gaya, India to attend the Kalachakra Initiation by His Holiness The 14th Dalai. There after, the group will also go on a pilgrimage.

BC Buddhist Festival




BC Buddhist Festival




BC Buddhist Festival